Tonite VS Tonight

That Show on My 1043


Okay this is to my irresponsible users of the English language. There are plenty of grammatical errors that individuals use which annoy me, but using “tonite” instead of “tonight” is the front runner by far. By definition Tonite is a blasting explosive consisting of a mixture of guncotton with a nitrate compound. So think about it, you write or send a message someone saying that you would see them “tonite”. You don’t even know what you’re saying, are you threatening them with an explosive? You would use “tonight” which represents a time not an explosive. To me, these people represent the slow car in the fast lane. They are just oblivious to how their language works and probably just don’t care. But you know I care and you should too, nothing is worse than being shunned for a lack of education. So do yourselves a favor and pick up a…

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