This is a definite must-see! Celebrated collegiate all-star Sam Bowie had an amazing future in basketball. Standing 7’1” Bowie caused a lot of havoc on defenses, no one could guard him, he had a mid-range jump shot that was very rare for a big man. Bowie went on to the University of Kentucky to where he definitely lived up to the hype in his freshman year. He was unstoppable in the paint and was a dominant player for his team. With his towering stature, Bowie’s legs were succumbing to the stress of holding up his frame. Bowie then injured himself in his sophomore year when he fell awkwardly after being fouled on an attempted dunk. Bowie never fully recovered from his injuries, although he did make a comeback in college and went on to the NBA, his injuries proved to take over his career. And here is the kicker, Bowie was selected before Michael Jordan, who would have known Jordan would be one of the greatest players to step on the court??? 

If you have a netflix account, check this out or look to rent it at your local movie.

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