Well again, here we have little teen girls believing that they will not be exposed once they upload or send naked pictures through cell phones and the internet.

Nothing like having an app [snap-chat] that is supposed to delete a picture within seconds, making it a cesspool of naked pictures, the problem is, a person can save the pictures before they are deleted.

In a case in New Jersey, students in a high school may face child pornography charges just because they possessed nude pictures of freshman girls. These freshmen girls that they consider a child took the time to upload nude images of themselves but they are not in trouble it is the on-lookers. I am not saying that the males should not be in trouble but these young ladies knew that there was a chance that someone would see the pictures. It is technology after all.

In my eyes, this once again falls on the parents not monitoring their children. Nowadays parents will buy their kids a cell phone and let them roam free like wild cattle. In this era, children act like teens, and teens act like adults in a sexual sense not mentally. If they were mentally mature they would not upload nude pictures to the web obviously.

Teenagers here is some advice if you want to aspire to be an exotic dancer in life send nude pictures to everyone, if you want to be a respectable person and actually have a successful life, save the nude bodies for someone that actually wants to be with you and not expose you. OR here is an idea, don’t do it at all.

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