Improved Protection Could Land you $100,000

Improved Protection Could Land you $100,000

Bill Gates is offering $100,000 to anyone that can build a better condom. This makes me grin a little bit because the first thing that comes into my mind is how are you going to test the protection rate of the condom? Water? Probably not haha. Ok now the perversion is out of the way. A better condom would improve our openly sexual society. The only thing is, we would have to get people to wear the condoms.

We have shows like “Teen Mom” that can air multiple seasons for young parents that did not use protection while having sex. The only thing the show really promotes is, if you get pregnant at sixteen don’t worry a famous television conglomerate may contact you to make a show. Our little society has a ton of advancements except for common sense. I hope someone comes up with a new condom to reduce the amount of children that are born into unwed, unhappy, and unstable homes. There is no need for an innocent child to be placed in an uncompromising situation.

6 thoughts on “Improved Protection Could Land you $100,000

    • The shows are created to show an implied reality. If television shows what actually goes on in life it would be boring. For a little society that is far from the truth this is just a selected area that is at fault i bet your society has many faults that you would be willing to talk about you are truthful with yourself.

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