I think I may have reverse luck. By this I mean the things that are supposed to create “bad luck” creates “good luck” for me. Yesterday, I was driving to class and a black cat crossed my path. Now you may think, “OH NO! BAD LUCK FOR THE DAY! :o”

If anything my luck was the best it has been in quite some time. After this occurred, I found ten dollars in my car, i got to class early and was released early, I got an extra fry when I ordered food, and I actually got a nap. I do not know if you all understand the significance of me getting a nap. I have three jobs, school, and a newborn and I was able to sleep for two hours before class. Not to mention that it was 60 degrees and sunny in Mid-Michigan.

That black cat was wonderful, the person who created the blasphemous superstition of the black cat must have crossed a jaguar because my day was amazing. If I see the cat again, I may have to capture it and hold it hostage as a new pet. All jokes aside if you are tip-toeing around constantly being caught in a world of fear..just take a breath and realize that there are a ton of positives that happen everyday. The little things amount to large successes everyday.

I will admit I was quite nervous when the black cat appeared out of blue to cross my car like it was meant to happen at that time and place. But I just went along with my usual routine and did not think anything of it. So I leave you with this here and see what other superstitions you can is quite interesting.

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