Everybody plays the fool

You Forgot Your Common Sense

Allow me to be straight forward; new relationships make people stupid .Not just romantically but in the workplace,  money transactions, media, everything. When entering into something new along with presenting yourself in the best light you want to be liked and accepted.Stupidity doesn’t care your gender, race, religion, anything, if you’re human, you have a venerability to becoming stupid.  This is okay- it’s human nature. The real test is how fast to you bounce back and reclaim who you really are.

When exploring something new, we find in a way, you’re kissing a**. You’re adapting your ways to match the situation, liking what they like, going out of your way to stand apart from the norm, even willing to try things you wouldn’t normally. Although these things may be exciting – they aren’t you, you forget who you are & what you need to present to fit the mold you’ve been presented with.

Even the most independent thinkers at some…

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