Your Beverage Remedy

This is definitely something that you need in your refrigerator. If you are a drink connoisseur or just a person that enjoys an ice-cold beverage then this is for you! There is nothing worse than having a jack and coke then the ice melts and everything is ruined and tastes water downed. I have always wondered if anything would be done to remedy this problem and now I have found the solution. It’s the Osleek Original Whiskey Stones. The stones come in a well-crafted box, with 9 reusable stones, and a black mesh bag to place the stones in. They are simple to use and simple to clean. Just place the stones carefully into your glass and then pour your drink and enjoy. I am very surprised with the outcome of the stones especially for the fact my drink was still chilled and there was no “stoney” taste. I highly recommend this product!

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