For my Problem Solvers


Leave the Rubik’s cube at home this Lando Cube set is definitely a challenge but before I get into the game let’s talk about what comes with the set. So, the set comes with 9 individual blocks of multiple colors. And the game has a pretty much basic package on the outside but within there are 3 squares to place the blocks in to reduce the chance of the pieces falling apart.

Now on to the actual challenge, the overall premise of the game is to disassemble the blocks into 9 pieces, scramble them, then create three cubes. It seems simple enough but it is a bit challenging at times. The awkward shapes must fit together for the cube to stay together. In other words, if the pieces aren’t correct the cube will never exist. It is for ages 7 and above.

I enjoyed the challenge, I was getting frustrated most of the times but once I figured out the process then it was smooth sailing…well mostly. If you do run into trouble there is a website with a downloadable pdf instructions booklet you can use to understand how the process works.

Overall, this a great brainteaser and can be used anywhere due to the lack of size and amount of pieces in the set. I recommend this as a gift to your problem-solving friends! Be sure to use the hashtag #brainsteaser once you buy yours here today!

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