Moscow Mule…Heard of it?

Here we have the Original Copper Mug Company which offers a pretty good darn Moscow Mule set. Let’s not waste anytime time get into the details.


The colors are well there is great information on the box and there are even directions on how to make the Moscow Mule which is very simple. My box personally was pretty banged up in the front which does not need to happen, overall I was not happy because of it.

What’s on the inside:

There has always been a saying, It doesn’t matter what the outside looks like, it’s the inside that counts. Well with the Original Copper Mug Company, it was a half and half. The mugs are beautifully crafted and made out of copper(obviously). There were also two copper straws as well. My main issue was the tarnish and scratches that were already on my mug before I even used it. I was not pleased with this but to me performance is everything.

Does this thing work!

The Original Copper Mug Company exceeded my expectations greatly… I mean seriously the mug was so cold that the handle was even cold as well as the copper straw. This made me enjoy my first ever Moscow Mule the point I may have had two ;).


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