Sleep Heaven


I have been dealing with a lot of sleeping issues and I did not know what to do about it. So I searched google, Youtube, yahoo, and any other site you could think of. So through my research, all roads led to seeing a chiropractor to check my spine out. Turns out my spine was going through so much stress based on being on my feet for 12 hours at a time at my civilian and military job. What’s worse is that in my oasis of a bed when it is time to relax I was having a negative effect on my body. I though I was inactive and in a rest mode but on the contrary, I WAS ACTIVELY DESTROYING MY sleeping incorrectly. I had always slept with a pillow between my legs but this didn’t do anything because it would eventually go flat and do nothing besides annoying me while sleeping causing me to wake up every hour.

So what did I find? This gel cooling leg pillow, it is shaped for your knees to align your spine to reduce sciatic pains that run from your back to your ankles. For me personally, for the last 8 days, I have had the best sleep that I could have while taking care of a teething baby girl, 3 hours of sleep has turned into 6 hours of sleep. This is a tremendous change and I am grateful for a product like this. I need all of the rest that I can get!

Do not let this slip pass you. your future rested self will thank you!

Talk to you all soon on the next review from MOURAD VENTURES!


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