Lose the Stretch Marks


Phytopia definitely sets the standard for quality essential oils. The stretch mark removal process happens very quickly with the natural ingredients within the product. The packaging was perfect for the size of the bottle and there were directions on the back to let you know exactly what to do and how to use Phytopia Stretch Marks Remover from their clinical collection.

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I had a participant who has had 2 kids and most recent a girl who is now 1 participate in a 6-day case study. Due to the lack of time for the recommended 2 to 4 weeks of use, I decided to see if this would begin to work on a faster scale.

Here is a before picture.20170311_112645

Here is after 6 days:


There are some obvious results going on here. The participant stated that “though the stretch marks aren’t completely gone the skin is smoother and it seems to be fading away.” This is an extraordinary result. Especially for just six days of use.

Erase stretch marks here and check out the officially youtube review for Mourad Ventures!


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