Okay hear me out, a lot of arguments that take place in a relationship deals with either finances or the cleanliness of a house. Let’s face it and I am guilty of this..shaving leaves behind a headache and a bunch of hairs that will get you yelled at haha. But seriously, dealing with the clogged drains and nasty sinks are now over. I present to you all the beard shaper kit. The shaper makes it easy to look good and the cape avoids a mess by catching your hair when shaving.

The package comes with a cape, a shaping tool, and 2 suction cup hooks.

It’s fairly easy to use and directions included if you cannot figure it out. All you have to do is put the Cape on, hook the hooks into the holes on the cape, place the suction cups onto to the mirror and now you have a neat and mess free shave.

Overall this is an excellent grooming tool to have the packaging was sub par but the beard shaping kit worked superbly. Get yours here! 


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