Trouble Waking Up

Here is a cool gadget that will get you up and ready to accomplish whatever tasks you have set for the day. This alarm clock is a robot that actually dances around to the music that is synced with it. The alarm is i-pod compatible and this robot is not a one trick pony, there are brain games amongst other activities included in the bot. Your children can play with the gadget and the robot can aid your kid to sleep acting as a nightlight and relaying soothing music is amongst it attributes. Click the video and be amazed.


Scented Phone Device?

This Device, “Chatperf” gives you the option to send a particular smell to other friends that have the device attached to their phone. It could also be interactive relating to games on the phone such as in a shooter game the device would give off the scent of gun powder. I think this is very cool and would be awesome to have.

Programmable Pill Dispenser

Programmable Pill Dispenser

This is a invention that was created to prevent overdoses of painkillers or any other addicting medicines. The Dispenser can be programmed by the pharmacists or doctors that provides you with a script for your medicine. The medicine will dispense by the programmed timed only which presents less of a chance for an overdose to occur.

Here’s a Cool Find

Here's a Cool Find

These are glasses which emits a green light that programs your internal clock for you to have sleep if you are traveling through multiple time zones.

Have left over Easter Candy?

Many of you may have a ton of goodies left over from the Easter holiday. Here is a great way to get rid of the sweets that you don’t want, and what better way to relive stress and avoid calories. ^_^

My first born

Well guys I’ve away from the computer for a while (hence me posting from the cell phone), its because I was at the bed side to see my first child born.

It was one of the proudest days of my life. I witnessed the magnificent struggle of child birth, the pushes the screams and then the cry. That cry was my daughter being introduced to this world and to her daddy. It is still fresh in my mind that I am a dad but I will always be there for her no matter what.

People told me I would cry when she was born but it didn’t happen I was just excited to see her and finally get to hold her in my arms. What a feeling to look down and see your daughter looking back at you.

Want to Keep Your Job

Want to Keep Your Job

With this app called Fireme! It screens your tweets that are aimed at your job. Meaning, if you tweeted, “I hate my job” the app will automatically send you a message asking you, “What would your boss think if he saw this message?”

It gives you an option of continuing to post the tweet or cancel the post. Well if you have common sense then you will not need this app.

If you are having problems at work and do not enjoy your job keep the complaints off of the social media sites. We can actually have face to face communication if you forgot about that, you know the process where people are physically in front of you.

I think it is just sad that an app has to be created for people that can’t censor themselves. Use your brain and if you cannot do this then you probably don’t deserve the job in the first place.