Boston Bombing Suspects

Here is a video and images of the suspected culprits behind the senseless attacks in Boston. He looks like a regular guy. I guess most bad guys do.


2013 Boston Marathon


The video of the unfortunate event.

Have left over Easter Candy?

Many of you may have a ton of goodies left over from the Easter holiday. Here is a great way to get rid of the sweets that you don’t want, and what better way to relive stress and avoid calories. ^_^

Kevin Ware (louisville) Snaps Leg

Oh my gosh this is just terrible make sure that you don’t have a weak stomach before watching this…its is graphic

For you Creative Heads Out There

For you Creative Heads Out There

There is a film festival sponsored by Tribeca that is offering a $600 and $100 prize. The thing is the film is supposed to have a beginning, middle, and end plus a plot; like all films. The catch, it has to be six seconds long and you must utilize twitters new video app Vine. #6SECFILMS The app has time manipulation along with other fun tid bits. Go ahead and let your creativity run wild! Best of luck to you.


This is a video of one of my songs called 24/7. It has the first and third verse only because of time constraints for my post prod class. But anyways this is my first video and the lyrics were created before I joined the army. The song is about the military, government, and our society. In this world it is fueled by negativity. We have officers that hire inmates to become drug dealers that snitch on the people buying drugs just to cut down on jail time. Should the officer be jail for promoting drug deals.
That is just scratching the surface. Listen to the song I will attach the full song here. The Military does not share the same views or opinions of my own.

My Favorite Commerical

This girl just went deep into her imagination lol. This always gets me to laugh.