Take Responsibility Parents and Children

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Take Responsibility Parents and Children

The number of deaths that occur while texting surpassed the drunk driving annual death total. Both texting and drunk driving have the same implications, which is being distracted while driving. Parents need to sit down and talk to their kids about both issues. There is no reason why parents cannot explain to their kids the potential risks of participating in these dangers.

Although parents may explain the issues of the dangers for the texting while driving. Teens, you need to take responsibility while driving. Any text can wait, I guarantee it is not worth your life just to send a message. If texting overrides driver’s responsibility then their license needs to be shredded. Putting others in danger for a lack of responsibility is not fair to anyone. Imagine you veering off into traffic from texting and you kill someone. You live and they die…you have to live with that on…

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Boston Marathon Conspiracies



I can understand the research that many devote their life to attempt to figure out the true evils that our government can do to undermine the people of the United States. Most of the claims made by conspirators have been debunked and flat out have no support but these standout click the link above to see what I am talking about. I hope that these are false and our government would not create a “terror propaganda” to show that we have pride in our nation. Everyone knows every time a disaster happens something is triggered to where we show our pride in the red, white, and blue. 

Well The Driver is Safe

It is freaking astounding to me that we still do not have seat belts legally implemented in our school buses. So let’s say a terrible catastrophe such a roll over or accident on the bus happens and children parish. Hmm this has happened before, I mean there are millions of children that ride the school bus and only 10% man get hurt per year which translates into 1,900 individuals. Though it may not seem like a substantial amount, 1,900 could be prevented by wearing seatbelts. Imagine rolling over and falling to the ceiling and injuring yourself critically. Or just hang and release yourself from the seat and go to safety… easy fix. Come on America since we are for the kids right?

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Boston Bombing Suspects

Here is a video and images of the suspected culprits behind the senseless attacks in Boston. He looks like a regular guy. I guess most bad guys do.

Beware of the Word Press Hackers!


Over 90,000 wordpress blog users were hacked.Make sure that you have a high-security password for your blog site. Meaning do not use a “12345” or anything easy to figure out as your password. This goes for everything that you use a password for whether it is for credit card pin numbers, email accounts, or any social media sites. Make sure that your password is the “ultimatepasswordever”..I don’t think that is easy to figure out lol.

Boston Explosion

Boston Explosion

A horrific explosion occurred in the heart of Boston during its Annual Patriot Day Marathon Run. There were people out there running for a cause and some act of terror had to take the positive spirit out of the day and slam it against the wall like a rag-doll. It is an awful event and I hope that the government gets to the bottom of it. “Today we are not Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans” -Obama. I swear this better not be a conspiracy.

Noth Korea

Noth Korea

North Korea is pushing for a country wide death wish! In what world would you constantly push a country to a war which you are provoking. You cannot say that the United States are the ones creating an issue. If you are going to use nuclear weapons then use them. Enough talk, obviously North Korea leaders make a lot of noise and show no action. They are the wolves howling at the moon while the US are the ones riding in the pack getting the kill.
My last comment because this whole situation effects me considering I in the military…if you actually attack may god help your the people in your country.
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