Dress To Impress

What is going on! It’s your guy Melki here again for another ultimate review from MOURAD VENTURES! What you see here is the casual dress wear shirt from XI PENG. This long sleeve polka dot shirt is an XXL size. It’s a soft cotton feel with a slim fit. It fits well for my particular build but this is the biggest size they have which is the only downfall. I recommend wearing this to any casual or professional event! Overall I give the company and the clothing a 4 out of 5. More sizes should be available since this is a trendy looking shirt.


Size: XXL(L-US) Get yours here http://bit.ly/XIPENG




Craving Deliciousness???

Craving Deliciousness???

Go ahead and click the link to create this good eat. I added thyme and a little bit of all spice to give it a little more flavor, but I will definitely recommend this meal for anyone wanting to make something at home rather than dining out.

Time for Your Summer Body

Time for Your Summer Body

Personally I purchased insanity and insanity asylum which works for me but here are a few more options for YOU.

Misheard Song Lyrics

That Show on My 1043

A run down of terrible lyrics.

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I think I may have reverse luck. By this I mean the things that are supposed to create “bad luck” creates “good luck” for me. Yesterday, I was driving to class and a black cat crossed my path. Now you may think, “OH NO! BAD LUCK FOR THE DAY! :o”

If anything my luck was the best it has been in quite some time. After this occurred, I found ten dollars in my car, i got to class early and was released early, I got an extra fry when I ordered food, and I actually got a nap. I do not know if you all understand the significance of me getting a nap. I have three jobs, school, and a newborn and I was able to sleep for two hours before class. Not to mention that it was 60 degrees and sunny in Mid-Michigan.

That black cat was wonderful, the person who created the blasphemous superstition of the black cat must have crossed a jaguar because my day was amazing. If I see the cat again, I may have to capture it and hold it hostage as a new pet. All jokes aside if you are tip-toeing around constantly being caught in a world of fear..just take a breath and realize that there are a ton of positives that happen everyday. The little things amount to large successes everyday.

I will admit I was quite nervous when the black cat appeared out of blue to cross my car like it was meant to happen at that time and place. But I just went along with my usual routine and did not think anything of it. So I leave you with this link..click here and see what other superstitions you can de-bunk..it is quite interesting.

Extra Time On Your Hands?

Here is a project that will take up a weekend. It is a photobooth that resembles the instagram set up. Although the pictures are not directly linked to the actual program the pictures will still be more than presentable. Here is a link for instructions.



HA, I found this to be very amusing. If this would actually happen a lot of individuals would be in some compromising situations lol.