This is a video of one of my songs called 24/7. It has the first and third verse only because of time constraints for my post prod class. But anyways this is my first video and the lyrics were created before I joined the army. The song is about the military, government, and our society. In this world it is fueled by negativity. We have officers that hire inmates to become drug dealers that snitch on the people buying drugs just to cut down on jail time. Should the officer be jail for promoting drug deals.
That is just scratching the surface. Listen to the song I will attach the full song here. The Military does not share the same views or opinions of my own.


Country Singer Mindy McCready Commits Suicide


McCready was found with a single self-inflicted gunshot to the head. McCready’s music career could not show the personal demons that she was dealing with in her life. Mindy dealt with prescription drug addictions and alcohol abuse. Her issues caused her to lose her son in a custody battle with her mother and was deemed unfit to raise her child. Last month her longtime boyfriend committed suicide as well on the same porch where she was found. McCready will live on through her music with her two famous top hits, “Ten Thousand Angels” and “Guys Do It All the Time“.   She was 37. [ap reports]