More Money…More Ignorance

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More Money...More Ignorance

In the NFL there is a common misconception that everyone that plays is a murderer, thug, or have some sort of criminal background..except for the kickers. This could stem from most of the athletes who are black may have come from a bad neighborhood or a tough city. This does not mean that they were involved in criminal activity or are even remotely close to being a bad guy.

But we always have bad seeds that spoils the entire bunch. In the off-season players get time to spend with their family and friends before summer camp begins to where they go back to their nine month work schedule. Some players just have it stuck in their mind that they are millionaires and they can do whatever they want whenever they want to. This is not how the law is supposed to work and it will not work like this especially…

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Brandon Knight Will Never Be The Same

I am a Detroit native so unfortunately I have watched some pretty poor teams throughout my day. Well, the Pistons, who are absolutely atrocious this season have been broadcasting all over ESPN lately. It was not for flashy plays on their team it was because of this dunk. Brandon Knight you will be okay



It is NCAA Tournament time and you know what that means… BRACKETS!!! I have done mine and I decided that my Michigan State Spartans will take it all. Hopefully I am right but we will see. Make yours before the tourney starts.

Where is the Sportsmanship?

This Junior League Hockey coach Martin Tremblay suffers from a hardcore case of ignorance. Tremblay tripped a 13 year old kid in the famous postgame hockey handshake line. The kid fell and broke his wrist. Tremblay proceeded to put his middle finger up to the crowd. His team actually won the game and no one really understands why he did such a thing. He is facing more jail time.




This is a definite must-see! Celebrated collegiate all-star Sam Bowie had an amazing future in basketball. Standing 7’1” Bowie caused a lot of havoc on defenses, no one could guard him, he had a mid-range jump shot that was very rare for a big man. Bowie went on to the University of Kentucky to where he definitely lived up to the hype in his freshman year. He was unstoppable in the paint and was a dominant player for his team. With his towering stature, Bowie’s legs were succumbing to the stress of holding up his frame. Bowie then injured himself in his sophomore year when he fell awkwardly after being fouled on an attempted dunk. Bowie never fully recovered from his injuries, although he did make a comeback in college and went on to the NBA, his injuries proved to take over his career. And here is the kicker, Bowie was selected before Michael Jordan, who would have known Jordan would be one of the greatest players to step on the court??? 

If you have a netflix account, check this out or look to rent it at your local movie.

11 Year Old Varsity Phenom

This kid stands at 4 foot 5 inches and is an absolute beast!

Slam Ball!! Where’d You Go???


If you were ever wondering where did the high flying, exhilarating, high contact game of slamball disappear to here is your answer.This is a great read by farmclub own Stefan Jagot