Digital Tire Pressure Guage

Hi guys, it’s Melki with another product review, today we will feature a digital tire pressure Guage by travel safer.

 Sometimes we can find ourselves in a bit of a bind trying to use those pressure gauges at the gas stations most of them can’t reach or places you in an awkward position to where you cannot even get a good reading. Luckily travel safer has given us a tool that we can use 24/7, night or day, and rain or shine.  The blue illuminating lcd light gives us a reading in 4 different measurements which are psi, bar,kpa, and kg/cm2. This gives the Guage a universal feel.

In regards of performance it does what it’s supposed to…I could read the psi on my tires easily and it was simple to use. The packaging was alright, it did its job by containing the Guage and travel safer provided instructions as well.

Overall, travel safer will get a 5/5 overall rating from Mourad Ventures. This is a high recommendation for those on the go and for people that absolutely loves EASY. You will be able to travel safer for sure 😁
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Take Responsibility Parents and Children

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Take Responsibility Parents and Children

The number of deaths that occur while texting surpassed the drunk driving annual death total. Both texting and drunk driving have the same implications, which is being distracted while driving. Parents need to sit down and talk to their kids about both issues. There is no reason why parents cannot explain to their kids the potential risks of participating in these dangers.

Although parents may explain the issues of the dangers for the texting while driving. Teens, you need to take responsibility while driving. Any text can wait, I guarantee it is not worth your life just to send a message. If texting overrides driver’s responsibility then their license needs to be shredded. Putting others in danger for a lack of responsibility is not fair to anyone. Imagine you veering off into traffic from texting and you kill someone. You live and they die…you have to live with that on…

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261 MPG!

261 MPG!

Here is the car of the future. It is a Volkswagon XL1, which allegedly gets 261 miles per gallon. Only 1,000 have been approved and there has not been a price released yet. Considering there is only 1,000 the price may be steep but you can’t really beat 261 miles per gallon, that is a magnificent gas mileage rate. Do not be surprised if I have a picture of me driving one of these money savers! =)