Save your Phone!



Here is what we call greatness! For people nowadays we are always on the go and this is a definite NEED. The Q-Swap Mobile power pack is a life saver for charging your phones on the go. I have no complaints besides the battery pack getting hot when charging but lets get into the details. [You can here an more indepth discussion here.]

You can see the packaging above, this 10400 mAh portable charger comes with 2 battery packs and the power pack as well as a micro USB cable along with a protective mesh case.




The overall use is quick, simple, and easy like all of us like. Just a click, pop, switch and your tweeting fingers are ready to send out another valued message ;).

Go ahead and invest in yours right can thank me later.


Time for Your Summer Body

Time for Your Summer Body

Personally I purchased insanity and insanity asylum which works for me but here are a few more options for YOU.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Enjoy the absolutely creep Easter Bunny pictures…very weird

Electric Kicker

Well we have some kind hearted people out there after all. The organization, Uncharted Play wants to raise money to help out poverty stricken areas of the world. They have created a soccer ball that doubles as a generator as well. The ball harnesses energy as you kick, throw, and roll the soccer ball around. The ball can provide power to light three lamps for three hours. This is an amazing and useful creation.