The tactical credit card by survivalhax.com is definitely the best multi-tool that I have used in a ling time. It is a modern day swiss army knife that takes consideration to your convenience. This is the only credit card that I will not mind overusing haha.


Overall the packaging was okay, it fit the rugged and simplistic take on the tool. The tactical credit card broke down into 9 components which were, opener, fire starter, knife/hex tool, paracord, whistle, toothpick, tweezers, magnifying glass, compass and knife sharpener. Everything that you would need on an adventure to remain safe!

I recommend this product to anyone that knows the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman…let’s be politically correct! This is a tool that anyone could use it was fairly easy to take apart and assemble together and directions weren’t necessary with the Tactical Credit Card. It fits in your wallet and will not take any pocket space away from you. I am glad that I got my hands on this and I cannot wait to use this on my next camping trip! 5 OUT OF 5! #survivalhax



Spacebook the Worlds “Facebook”

This is exactly what I would imagine it as. Especially the dinosaur commenting on the asteroid lol.Check it out

Beware of the Word Press Hackers!


Over 90,000 wordpress blog users were hacked.Make sure that you have a high-security password for your blog site. Meaning do not use a “12345” or anything easy to figure out as your password. This goes for everything that you use a password for whether it is for credit card pin numbers, email accounts, or any social media sites. Make sure that your password is the “ultimatepasswordever”..I don’t think that is easy to figure out lol.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Enjoy the absolutely creep Easter Bunny pictures…very weird

The Ultimate Phone Protector Case

That Show on My 1043

The Ultimate Phone Protector Case

This is directions on how to build a bulletproof phone case. I love my phone a substantial amount and I believe most people do nowadays. Our phone has everything we need, from entertainment to just staying in contact with each other.
So why wouldn’t you want to build a bulletproof phone case? Exactly no reason so go ahead and start this weekend.

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Extra Time On Your Hands?

Here is a project that will take up a weekend. It is a photobooth that resembles the instagram set up. Although the pictures are not directly linked to the actual program the pictures will still be more than presentable. Here is a link for instructions.



HA, I found this to be very amusing. If this would actually happen a lot of individuals would be in some compromising situations lol.