Save your Phone!



Here is what we call greatness! For people nowadays we are always on the go and this is a definite NEED. The Q-Swap Mobile power pack is a life saver for charging your phones on the go. I have no complaints besides the battery pack getting hot when charging but lets get into the details. [You can here an more indepth discussion here.]

You can see the packaging above, this 10400 mAh portable charger comes with 2 battery packs and the power pack as well as a micro USB cable along with a protective mesh case.




The overall use is quick, simple, and easy like all of us like. Just a click, pop, switch and your tweeting fingers are ready to send out another valued message ;).

Go ahead and invest in yours right can thank me later.



The tactical credit card by is definitely the best multi-tool that I have used in a ling time. It is a modern day swiss army knife that takes consideration to your convenience. This is the only credit card that I will not mind overusing haha.


Overall the packaging was okay, it fit the rugged and simplistic take on the tool. The tactical credit card broke down into 9 components which were, opener, fire starter, knife/hex tool, paracord, whistle, toothpick, tweezers, magnifying glass, compass and knife sharpener. Everything that you would need on an adventure to remain safe!

I recommend this product to anyone that knows the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman…let’s be politically correct! This is a tool that anyone could use it was fairly easy to take apart and assemble together and directions weren’t necessary with the Tactical Credit Card. It fits in your wallet and will not take any pocket space away from you. I am glad that I got my hands on this and I cannot wait to use this on my next camping trip! 5 OUT OF 5! #survivalhax


Just you and your C.E.O

Just you and your C.E.O

Well here are some ways to break the ice when your caught alone with the big man in office also known as the C.E.O.

Boston Marathon Conspiracies



I can understand the research that many devote their life to attempt to figure out the true evils that our government can do to undermine the people of the United States. Most of the claims made by conspirators have been debunked and flat out have no support but these standout click the link above to see what I am talking about. I hope that these are false and our government would not create a “terror propaganda” to show that we have pride in our nation. Everyone knows every time a disaster happens something is triggered to where we show our pride in the red, white, and blue. 

Preview the Future Design of the WordPress Dashboard

The Blog

Though nothing stays still for long with WordPress, the design of your blog’s dashboard hasn’t changed much lately. While we’ve added new features and made some adjustments along the way, the dashboard has been looking forward to a refresh for some time. With that in mind, seven weeks ago, a scrappy gang of web designers and developers teamed up to explore how to do just that. We asked ourselves the question: “What should a modern version of WordPress look like?” We decided that:

  • It should have a simple, uncluttered design; free of excessive decoration and focused on your content.
  • It should use webfonts for beautiful, legible typography that’s consistent in every browser.
  • It should have a responsive design that’s tailored to PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • It should do all this while retaining the familiar, user-tested dashboard interface that millions of users already understand.

Screenshot of the new dashboard design

We’ve drawn new icons, increased contrast and font…

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Beware of the Word Press Hackers!


Over 90,000 wordpress blog users were hacked.Make sure that you have a high-security password for your blog site. Meaning do not use a “12345” or anything easy to figure out as your password. This goes for everything that you use a password for whether it is for credit card pin numbers, email accounts, or any social media sites. Make sure that your password is the “ultimatepasswordever”..I don’t think that is easy to figure out lol.



I think I may have reverse luck. By this I mean the things that are supposed to create “bad luck” creates “good luck” for me. Yesterday, I was driving to class and a black cat crossed my path. Now you may think, “OH NO! BAD LUCK FOR THE DAY! :o”

If anything my luck was the best it has been in quite some time. After this occurred, I found ten dollars in my car, i got to class early and was released early, I got an extra fry when I ordered food, and I actually got a nap. I do not know if you all understand the significance of me getting a nap. I have three jobs, school, and a newborn and I was able to sleep for two hours before class. Not to mention that it was 60 degrees and sunny in Mid-Michigan.

That black cat was wonderful, the person who created the blasphemous superstition of the black cat must have crossed a jaguar because my day was amazing. If I see the cat again, I may have to capture it and hold it hostage as a new pet. All jokes aside if you are tip-toeing around constantly being caught in a world of fear..just take a breath and realize that there are a ton of positives that happen everyday. The little things amount to large successes everyday.

I will admit I was quite nervous when the black cat appeared out of blue to cross my car like it was meant to happen at that time and place. But I just went along with my usual routine and did not think anything of it. So I leave you with this here and see what other superstitions you can is quite interesting.