Riwbox In5 Wired Headphones

Time to get into the nitty gritty on these Riwbox Headphones. Riwbox definitely did a great job creating these for individuals on a budget that wants a big time producing headphone set. I honestly believe that these Riwbox #HEADPHONES can rival beats brand headphones.

For working out the only issue that I came across was the length of the cord; it is a catch 22 when it comes down to it. It is great to have for when you need the extra distance but a pain if the dangling of the cord is in the way. Easy fix: Bread twist tie..thank me later.

The color and texture of the headphones are flawless and there are three more to choose from. If you are a gamer I recommend these; the protein fused ear will keep your ears comfy while you will your next game in fornite.

If you watched my video review, you would have seen me testing them out in the gym and shaking them around for durability and you know what they passed the test. I recommend you try them out especially with a price point sitting below $30.

Best feats:

Sound for sure

The size


Worst Feats:

The cord may be a tad too long and could get in the way. That is literally the only negative I could find. Definitely a hidden gem here! Click the link below! http://www.riwbox.com/Corded/Folding/Riwbox-in5-Wired-Headphones.html

More Pictures:

Keto Collagen Protein-Grass Fed


Here is another review from the Ultimate Reviewer—that’s me, in case you forgot! We will do a brief review on the Grass Fed Collagen Protein produced by Keto.  The premise behind this supplement is to cover the lack of collagen that you are not receiving in your body. Collagen is important because it helps with the health of your hair, skin, bones, muscles, and joints just to name a few. And last time I checked these were important features of a person… and if we are treating our body healthy by including a supplement to help such important features of ourselves then why wouldn’t you try this.

The Collagen comes in a container that holds 567g of the supplement which breaks down into 28 servings. You are supposed to take 1 to 3 scoops per day and 1 immediately after you are done with your workout. Each scoop contains 18grams of protein which id beneficial to muscle building.

The taste and smell definitely took me a little time to get used to. The taste is not as bad as the smell. The smell is similar to spoiled milk but if you mix the Keto Collagen with a whey protein, almond milk, or whatever you are drinking it should mask the taste enough.

The packing was pretty terrible but the information was informative which is a plus…overall I can see the collagen protein taking a part in my supplement regiment. I will use the remainder to see how I feel in the next few weeks.

#grassfeedcollagen get yours NOW

Overall rating: 3 out of 5


Taste/Smell: 3

Packing: 3

Easy Use: 5


Save your Phone!



Here is what we call greatness! For people nowadays we are always on the go and this is a definite NEED. The Q-Swap Mobile power pack is a life saver for charging your phones on the go. I have no complaints besides the battery pack getting hot when charging but lets get into the details. [You can here an more indepth discussion here.]

You can see the packaging above, this 10400 mAh portable charger comes with 2 battery packs and the power pack as well as a micro USB cable along with a protective mesh case.




The overall use is quick, simple, and easy like all of us like. Just a click, pop, switch and your tweeting fingers are ready to send out another valued message ;).

Go ahead and invest in yours right now..you can thank me later.


Okay hear me out, a lot of arguments that take place in a relationship deals with either finances or the cleanliness of a house. Let’s face it and I am guilty of this..shaving leaves behind a headache and a bunch of hairs that will get you yelled at haha. But seriously, dealing with the clogged drains and nasty sinks are now over. I present to you all the beard shaper kit. The shaper makes it easy to look good and the cape avoids a mess by catching your hair when shaving.

The package comes with a cape, a shaping tool, and 2 suction cup hooks.

It’s fairly easy to use and directions included if you cannot figure it out. All you have to do is put the Cape on, hook the hooks into the holes on the cape, place the suction cups onto to the mirror and now you have a neat and mess free shave.

Overall this is an excellent grooming tool to have the packaging was sub par but the beard shaping kit worked superbly. Get yours here! 

Digital Tire Pressure Guage

Hi guys, it’s Melki with another product review, today we will feature a digital tire pressure Guage by travel safer.

 Sometimes we can find ourselves in a bit of a bind trying to use those pressure gauges at the gas stations most of them can’t reach or places you in an awkward position to where you cannot even get a good reading. Luckily travel safer has given us a tool that we can use 24/7, night or day, and rain or shine.  The blue illuminating lcd light gives us a reading in 4 different measurements which are psi, bar,kpa, and kg/cm2. This gives the Guage a universal feel.

In regards of performance it does what it’s supposed to…I could read the psi on my tires easily and it was simple to use. The packaging was alright, it did its job by containing the Guage and travel safer provided instructions as well.

Overall, travel safer will get a 5/5 overall rating from Mourad Ventures. This is a high recommendation for those on the go and for people that absolutely loves EASY. You will be able to travel safer for sure 😁
#tirepressure #tirepressureguage 

Lose the Stretch Marks


Phytopia definitely sets the standard for quality essential oils. The stretch mark removal process happens very quickly with the natural ingredients within the product. The packaging was perfect for the size of the bottle and there were directions on the back to let you know exactly what to do and how to use Phytopia Stretch Marks Remover from their clinical collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had a participant who has had 2 kids and most recent a girl who is now 1 participate in a 6-day case study. Due to the lack of time for the recommended 2 to 4 weeks of use, I decided to see if this would begin to work on a faster scale.

Here is a before picture.20170311_112645

Here is after 6 days:


There are some obvious results going on here. The participant stated that “though the stretch marks aren’t completely gone the skin is smoother and it seems to be fading away.” This is an extraordinary result. Especially for just six days of use.

Erase stretch marks here and check out the officially youtube review for Mourad Ventures!


The tactical credit card by survivalhax.com is definitely the best multi-tool that I have used in a ling time. It is a modern day swiss army knife that takes consideration to your convenience. This is the only credit card that I will not mind overusing haha.


Overall the packaging was okay, it fit the rugged and simplistic take on the tool. The tactical credit card broke down into 9 components which were, opener, fire starter, knife/hex tool, paracord, whistle, toothpick, tweezers, magnifying glass, compass and knife sharpener. Everything that you would need on an adventure to remain safe!

I recommend this product to anyone that knows the outdoorsman or outdoorswoman…let’s be politically correct! This is a tool that anyone could use it was fairly easy to take apart and assemble together and directions weren’t necessary with the Tactical Credit Card. It fits in your wallet and will not take any pocket space away from you. I am glad that I got my hands on this and I cannot wait to use this on my next camping trip! 5 OUT OF 5! #survivalhax