Sleep Heaven


I have been dealing with a lot of sleeping issues and I did not know what to do about it. So I searched google, Youtube, yahoo, and any other site you could think of. So through my research, all roads led to seeing a chiropractor to check my spine out. Turns out my spine was going through so much stress based on being on my feet for 12 hours at a time at my civilian and military job. What’s worse is that in my oasis of a bed when it is time to relax I was having a negative effect on my body. I though I was inactive and in a rest mode but on the contrary, I WAS ACTIVELY DESTROYING MY sleeping incorrectly. I had always slept with a pillow between my legs but this didn’t do anything because it would eventually go flat and do nothing besides annoying me while sleeping causing me to wake up every hour.

So what did I find? This gel cooling leg pillow, it is shaped for your knees to align your spine to reduce sciatic pains that run from your back to your ankles. For me personally, for the last 8 days, I have had the best sleep that I could have while taking care of a teething baby girl, 3 hours of sleep has turned into 6 hours of sleep. This is a tremendous change and I am grateful for a product like this. I need all of the rest that I can get!

Do not let this slip pass you. your future rested self will thank you!

Talk to you all soon on the next review from MOURAD VENTURES!

Moscow Mule…Heard of it?

Here we have the Original Copper Mug Company which offers a pretty good darn Moscow Mule set. Let’s not waste anytime time get into the details.


The colors are well there is great information on the box and there are even directions on how to make the Moscow Mule which is very simple. My box personally was pretty banged up in the front which does not need to happen, overall I was not happy because of it.

What’s on the inside:

There has always been a saying, It doesn’t matter what the outside looks like, it’s the inside that counts. Well with the Original Copper Mug Company, it was a half and half. The mugs are beautifully crafted and made out of copper(obviously). There were also two copper straws as well. My main issue was the tarnish and scratches that were already on my mug before I even used it. I was not pleased with this but to me performance is everything.

Does this thing work!

The Original Copper Mug Company exceeded my expectations greatly… I mean seriously the mug was so cold that the handle was even cold as well as the copper straw. This made me enjoy my first ever Moscow Mule the point I may have had two ;).


Great Wallet

For those of you that are looking for a slick, sleek, and stylish yet affordable wallet this is it! This Camelleon wallet has multiple inserts to place your credit cards, identification cards, money, and gifts cards as well. The bifold wallet comes in a black box that has the wallet in a mesh bag. Packaging is everything and you definitely get your money’s worth using this to hold your money. This wallet also has  RFID blocking technology so you will not have to worry about anyone stealing your identification.

This is a sturdy bifold wallet and I give it a 5 out of 5, from the style, usability, and packaging you will not go wrong with this Camellon wallet.


For my Problem Solvers


Leave the Rubik’s cube at home this Lando Cube set is definitely a challenge but before I get into the game let’s talk about what comes with the set. So, the set comes with 9 individual blocks of multiple colors. And the game has a pretty much basic package on the outside but within there are 3 squares to place the blocks in to reduce the chance of the pieces falling apart.

Now on to the actual challenge, the overall premise of the game is to disassemble the blocks into 9 pieces, scramble them, then create three cubes. It seems simple enough but it is a bit challenging at times. The awkward shapes must fit together for the cube to stay together. In other words, if the pieces aren’t correct the cube will never exist. It is for ages 7 and above.

I enjoyed the challenge, I was getting frustrated most of the times but once I figured out the process then it was smooth sailing…well mostly. If you do run into trouble there is a website with a downloadable pdf instructions booklet you can use to understand how the process works.

Overall, this a great brainteaser and can be used anywhere due to the lack of size and amount of pieces in the set. I recommend this as a gift to your problem-solving friends! Be sure to use the hashtag #brainsteaser once you buy yours here today!

Time to heal those Muscles

As soon as you pour the Jadience Herbal Therapeutic Muscle and Joint soak into the bathtub, an aroma of herbs begins to fill the air. Once you sit in the tub you can feel the tingling sensation of the therapeutic soak working. You become relaxed and more relaxed as time progresses.

After using this soak, I feel great, I work on my feet 14 hours a day for 6 days out of the week so my entire body aches. This actually works, and I will definitely buy more of this hypoallergenic all natural solution.

Overall, this is very easy to use, the bottle is packaged nicely, and state of relaxation will overcome you and the soreness will drift away. 5 out of 5 people!

Best Friend in the Kitchen

Here is a great vegetable slicer to have! This professional grade slicer by V-Blade is very easy to use for any amateur in the kitchen. The lime green color gives it style and the interchangeable inserts give you a variety of slice sizes for your veggies. The sizes are 6x6mm (julienne), 3×3(julienne), 1.5mm(slices), and 3.5mm(slices), the inserts will determine the thickness of your veggie that you are using. There is also a hand guard to prevent you from cutting yourself while prepping your meal, this is a huge safety plus! And the push button release makes it a breeze to switch out the inserts. To wash simply wash the V-blade like any other dish but proceed with caution due to the sharp blades. There is no negative associated with this product. Have fun making carrot slices, fresh potato chips, or whatever kitchen venture that you will have in the future!

Dress To Impress

What is going on! It’s your guy Melki here again for another ultimate review from MOURAD VENTURES! What you see here is the casual dress wear shirt from XI PENG. This long sleeve polka dot shirt is an XXL size. It’s a soft cotton feel with a slim fit. It fits well for my particular build but this is the biggest size they have which is the only downfall. I recommend wearing this to any casual or professional event! Overall I give the company and the clothing a 4 out of 5. More sizes should be available since this is a trendy looking shirt.


Size: XXL(L-US) Get yours here