Kitchen Ware

These Essential Home and Kitchen containers are small but spacious. The stainless steel makes for the containers to be durable and the lids in conjunction with the locks create an airtight seal to prevent spills and leaks. The only negative is the clips become a bit hard to connect to the container to the point where you have to press the lid down forcefully to lock the container. Though this is a bit inconvenient… once the containers are locked they are locked for sure. The box comes with 3 clear containers in the arrangement of Large, Medium, and small. The clear and lime green lids are placed accordingly considering they are packed within each other, which is easy for storage.

Your Beverage Remedy

This is definitely something that you need in your refrigerator. If you are a drink connoisseur or just a person that enjoys an ice-cold beverage then this is for you! There is nothing worse than having a jack and coke then the ice melts and everything is ruined and tastes water downed. I have always wondered if anything would be done to remedy this problem and now I have found the solution. It’s the Osleek Original Whiskey Stones. The stones come in a well-crafted box, with 9 reusable stones, and a black mesh bag to place the stones in. They are simple to use and simple to clean. Just place the stones carefully into your glass and then pour your drink and enjoy. I am very surprised with the outcome of the stones especially for the fact my drink was still chilled and there was no “stoney” taste. I highly recommend this product!

A Toddler’s New Friends

This Ammul’s Cutlery set was definitely a well worth it purchase. It was very easy for my 1-year-old to handle and maneuver the spoon and fork. She is learning how to use the utensils so the grip and size of both the fork and spoon are excellent. If you are planning on buying baby forks or spoons I highly recommend you purchase this for your little ones. Get yours here 🙂 

*** I am an independent product tester/reviewer. I have received this product at a discounted rate. This is an honest and unbiased review***

Trouble Waking Up

Here is a cool gadget that will get you up and ready to accomplish whatever tasks you have set for the day. This alarm clock is a robot that actually dances around to the music that is synced with it. The alarm is i-pod compatible and this robot is not a one trick pony, there are brain games amongst other activities included in the bot. Your children can play with the gadget and the robot can aid your kid to sleep acting as a nightlight and relaying soothing music is amongst it attributes. Click the video and be amazed.

Craving Deliciousness???

Craving Deliciousness???

Go ahead and click the link to create this good eat. I added thyme and a little bit of all spice to give it a little more flavor, but I will definitely recommend this meal for anyone wanting to make something at home rather than dining out.

Just you and your C.E.O

Just you and your C.E.O

Well here are some ways to break the ice when your caught alone with the big man in office also known as the C.E.O.

Scented Phone Device?

This Device, “Chatperf” gives you the option to send a particular smell to other friends that have the device attached to their phone. It could also be interactive relating to games on the phone such as in a shooter game the device would give off the scent of gun powder. I think this is very cool and would be awesome to have.