Trouble Waking Up

Here is a cool gadget that will get you up and ready to accomplish whatever tasks you have set for the day. This alarm clock is a robot that actually dances around to the music that is synced with it. The alarm is i-pod compatible and this robot is not a one trick pony, there are brain games amongst other activities included in the bot. Your children can play with the gadget and the robot can aid your kid to sleep acting as a nightlight and relaying soothing music is amongst it attributes. Click the video and be amazed.

Craving Deliciousness???

Craving Deliciousness???

Go ahead and click the link to create this good eat. I added thyme and a little bit of all spice to give it a little more flavor, but I will definitely recommend this meal for anyone wanting to make something at home rather than dining out.

Just you and your C.E.O

Just you and your C.E.O

Well here are some ways to break the ice when your caught alone with the big man in office also known as the C.E.O.

Scented Phone Device?

This Device, “Chatperf” gives you the option to send a particular smell to other friends that have the device attached to their phone. It could also be interactive relating to games on the phone such as in a shooter game the device would give off the scent of gun powder. I think this is very cool and would be awesome to have.

Everybody plays the fool

You Forgot Your Common Sense

Allow me to be straight forward; new relationships make people stupid .Not just romantically but in the workplace,  money transactions, media, everything. When entering into something new along with presenting yourself in the best light you want to be liked and accepted.Stupidity doesn’t care your gender, race, religion, anything, if you’re human, you have a venerability to becoming stupid.  This is okay- it’s human nature. The real test is how fast to you bounce back and reclaim who you really are.

When exploring something new, we find in a way, you’re kissing a**. You’re adapting your ways to match the situation, liking what they like, going out of your way to stand apart from the norm, even willing to try things you wouldn’t normally. Although these things may be exciting – they aren’t you, you forget who you are & what you need to present to fit the mold you’ve been presented with.

Even the most independent thinkers at some…

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Take Responsibility Parents and Children

That Show on My 1043

Take Responsibility Parents and Children

The number of deaths that occur while texting surpassed the drunk driving annual death total. Both texting and drunk driving have the same implications, which is being distracted while driving. Parents need to sit down and talk to their kids about both issues. There is no reason why parents cannot explain to their kids the potential risks of participating in these dangers.

Although parents may explain the issues of the dangers for the texting while driving. Teens, you need to take responsibility while driving. Any text can wait, I guarantee it is not worth your life just to send a message. If texting overrides driver’s responsibility then their license needs to be shredded. Putting others in danger for a lack of responsibility is not fair to anyone. Imagine you veering off into traffic from texting and you kill someone. You live and they die…you have to live with that on…

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Open Your Home With A Single Touch

That Show on My 1043

Open Your Home With A Single Touch

This innovating key set created by Kwikset Locks, allows you to pair your iPhone 4 or 5 with the lock to create key-less entry. The Lock will only be accessible by you. The key set also recognizes if you are in the house or not as well. And if you do not want to carry your iPhone with you all the time there is a key fob to allow you to enter without the iPhone.

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